Pop Chinese

Pop Chinese

A Cheng & Tsui Bilingual Handbook of Contemporary Colloquial Expressions
2nd Edition
Compiled by Yu Feng, Yaohua Shi, Zhijie Jia, Judith M. Amory, Jie Cai

Do you ever wish you had the eloquence to raise the dead (能把死人说活)? 

By introducing fun, popular vocabulary, phrases, and proverbs that are rarely encountered in formal classroom instruction, Pop Chinese is designed to help intermediate and advanced students communicate with native speakers, understand Chinese film and television, and read contemporary Chinese fiction. This dictionary contains 1,200 informal colloquial idioms and expressions popular in China today, with usage examples taken from over 500 popular films, TV series, and contemporary novels and short stories. 

Each entry includes pinyin, simplified characters, English definitions providing both the idiomatic and literal meaning, and two usage examples. Background notes in English explain the context in which a given expression is used.  

Pop Chinese is perfect for intermediate and advanced students of Chinese, as well as a must-have reference for translators and researchers.


Cheng & Tsui
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[Pop Chinese] is a rich source of information on socio-cultural and linguistic differences between mainland China and Taiwan and sometimes between China as a whole and the U.S.

— Jun Yang, University of Chicago
About the Author(s)

Dr. Yu Feng, lead editor and compiler of Pop Chinese, received his Ph.D. from Renmin University in Beijing, China. He has taught advanced Chinese in a variety of specialized subjects for over 20 years, and has researched Chinese culture and language at universities in China, India, Japan, and the United States. This book arose from extensive research on the differences between written and spoken Chinese.