Explorations in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Explorations in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Studies in Honor of Professor Tao-Chung “Ted” Yao
1st Edition
Edited by Yang Xiao-Desai, Ka F. Wong

The late Professor Tao-chung "Ted" Yao was a world-renowned expert in Chinese language pedagogy. Among his many contributions to the field, he coauthored Integrated Chinese, the leading beginning Chinese textbook series.

Dedicated in his memory, this collection brings together top scholars who were broadly and deeply impacted by Professor Yao, whether as students or lifelong colleagues. Groundbreaking essays in both Chinese and English explorea . wide range of topics in teaching, learning, and researching Chinese as a second language, bulding connections across various perspectives and practices.

Subject include:

  • Best practices in instruction
  • Language Flagship programs
  • Chinese linguistic studies
  • Heritage learner identities
  • Curriculum development and testing
  • Teacher training

Instructors and researchers from the K-12 to university levels will benefit from this volume's innovative studies and practical pedagogical perspectives. The diversity and originality of the essays in Explorations in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language make it a significant contribution to the field of Chinese language education and a testament to the enduring legacy of Professor Yao.



Cheng & Tsui
Publication Date: 
Table of Contents

Preface by Ying-che Li

Introduction by Yang Xiao-Desai and Ka F. Wong

Part I: Curriculum Development & Empirical Studies

  • 夏威夷大学和美国的中文教学 - 姚道中
  • Embedding Disruptive Innovations in the University Experience - Madeline K. Spring
  • 中文学习动机研究及对教学的反思 - 温晓虹
  • 《中文听说读写》编写理念 - 刘月华
  • Exploring Identity Issues of Chinese Heritage Language Learners from Dialect Backgrounds - Ka F. Wong & Yang Xiao-Desai
  • The Effects of Inductive and Deductive Instruction in Learning Mandarin as a Foreign Language - Ying Zhou
  • 美国大学商务汉语课程设置转型探讨 - 郭珠美

Part II: Pedagogical Practices & Reflections

  • Chinese Language Pedagogy and Collaborative Online Learning: Social Network, Blog, and Game - Tao-chung Yao, Yang Xiao-Desai, Ka F. Wong, & Christopher Magriney
  • Revisiting Performance Levels and Communicative Modalities - Nyan-Ping Bi
  • 模仿重述在中文教学的运用及未来发展方向 - 吴淑铃
  • 汉语作为二语的本科学历生学术论文写作的教学实践 - 王萍丽 & 刘婷竹
  • Pearls of Ancient Chinese Wisdom for the 21st Century CFL Classrooms - Dali Tan
  • 浅谈 “把”字句教学误区及改进方法 - 刘宪民
  • Cultivating Individualized Lifelong Learning in an Adaptive System - Jing Z. Paul, Hong Li, & Abigail Holst

Part III: In Memory of Professor Tao-chung “Ted” Yao

  • 姚道中教授学术小史 - 王萍丽 & Yang Xiao-Desai



    A fitting tribute to Professor Yao. A truly worthy addition to the field of Chinese as a second language!

    — Professor Zheng-sheng Zhang, San Diego State University

    As a whole, the collection is a remarkable commemoration of Professor Tao-chung “Ted” Yao’s distinguished contributions to Chinese language pedagogy, and to the teaching Chinese as a second language field. It provides Mandarin Chinese language instructors with a variety of provocative and engaging contemporary research studies that, if adopted and implemented, may prove useful in enhancing individual Chinese classroom instruction and in improving overall Chinese language programs at every level.

    — Haning Z. Hughes, United States Air Force Academy
    About the Author(s)

    Ka F. Wong is Associate Professor of Asian Studies and Director of Chinese at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. He received his Ph.D. in Chinese an M.A. in Arts from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa along with another M.A. in Thai Studies from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. His publications include two books as well as various journal articles and book chapters on Chinese pedagogy, film, literature, and cultural anthropology.

    Yang Xiao-Desai is Assistant Professor of Chinese Linguistics and Pedagogy at San Francisco State University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Prior to that, she held positions at the University of South Carolina, University of California Davis, Middlebury College, and Xiamen University. Her scholarship on heritage language learners has appeared in The Modern Language JournalHeritage Language Journal, and Chinese as a Second Language Research, and she has also published on technology integration in teacher-training programs.