Practical Kanji

An Introductory Kanji Textbook for Japanese Language Learners

Don't rely on rote memorization any longer! Let Practical Kanji help you master 500 essential kanji.

Perfect for independent learners and those who struggle to memorize kanji out-of-context, this two-volume series covers all of the kanji on the N4 and N5 levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Each lesson introduces 9-12 thematically linked kanji alongside definitions, readings, stroke order, and exercises that challenge learners to immediately apply their new knowledge. The kanji studied in each lesson reappear in later lessons, providing repetition and reinforcement and ensuring that the difficulty level grows with learners' knowledge of kanji. 

In this Series

  • Includes a CD-ROM of mp3 audio files to help learners link the pronunciation of each kanji with its shape and meaning, as well as PDF files of kanji writing practice sheets
  • Index for quick reference in the back of each book
  • English and Vietnamese translations
  • Semi-transparent red plastic sheet helps learners memorize the pronunciations and meanings of each kanji