Ni Hao, Volume 3 Textbook with Software Download, 3rd Edition (Simplified)

Ni Hao, Volume 3 Textbook with Software Download, 3rd Edition (Simplified)


Ni Hao, Volume 3 is the third installment of the Ni Hao series, and is designed for students who have completed Ni Hao, Volumes 1 and 2. This level is best suited for students in middle or high school.

As in other levels, Chinese characters are used extensively throughout the text and are accompanied by pinyin which acts as a guide to pronunciation. Pinyin is gradually omitted as the student becomes familiar with the characters and vocabulary. Chinese culture related to the content of each lesson is introduced in the “Something to Know” section, designed to enrich cultural understanding and generate interest in learning the language.

Ni Hao, Volume 3 introduces more than 500 words and phrases and 151 written characters. Appendices with Chinese-English and English-Chinese “Words and Expressions” contain pinyin, English, and traditional and simplified character listings for words learned in the text. Volume 3 also contains an appendix listing Chinese Radicals. This textbook is in simplified characters.

FREE software download
A FREE download is available for the Ni Hao Language Lab Textbook Edition (Lab TE) software: download here. The software includes recordings of the pronunciation practice, dialogues and readings, vocabulary, and common phrases sections from each lesson in the textbook. Students can also record their own voice to compare pronunciation. To access this download you must go through the process as directed on screen and enter 9781876739546 as the ISBN when instructed. The software is available for Windows and MacOS X and in simplified characters only.

Key features of the 3rd Edition

  • "About Pinyin and characters," betters students' practical knowledge of pinyin rules and the origin of Chinese characters.
  • Two new review lessons were added for each end-semester recap. Offers a smoother transition from the introductory level to this second component, with a stronger focus on sentence structure, but using a shorter vocabulary list.
  • The language introduced is more frequently and functionally repeated.
  • Settings and illustrations are closely related to students' daily life and are spiced with humor to lift students' learning spirit. Comics were also added to reinforce learning.
  • In the Workbook, exercises are now specific to individual sections in each lesson. New items introduced in each section are grouped for easy learning and reference.
  • In addition to exercises, each lesson includes both the listening and reading tasks for summative learning and testing. The settings of these tasks often poke fun at teenagers to lighten the students’ mood and make learning more fun. 
  • Includes free download of the textbook version of the Ni Hao Language Lab with purchase of the textbook.


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Paperback w/ Software Download
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About the Series

The Ni Hao textbooks feature a wide range of situational settings and vocabulary to encourage students to practice Chinese in everyday activities. Each lesson presents conversations as illustrated scripts that facilitate role-playing and help students put their communicative skills into action. Engaging additional sections clearly explain new vocabulary and language usage, character stroke order, and Chinese culture. Songs, rhymes, tongue twisters, cartoons, stories, and interesting features of Chinese characters tie the lessons together and make learning fun.

The Ni Hao series includes textbooks, workbooks, and teacher's handbooks as well as great supplements like audio CDs and games software.