New Practical Chinese Reader, Volume 1 Workbook

New Practical Chinese Reader, Volume 1 Workbook

New 3rd Edition

This Workbook is a companion to the Volume 1 Textbook, and is intended for use by students outside of the classroom. Workbook exercises increase in difficulty, and assist students with studying characters, phonetics, sentence patterns, and vocabulary.



Beijing Language and Culture University Press
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About the Series

Designed to help native English speakers easily learn Chinese, The New Practical Chinese Reader 3rd edition adheres to the aim of making it "easier to learn" for students and "more convenient to use" for teachers and maintains the pedagogy of "the integration of structure, function and culture", striving to develop students' comprehensive use of the Chinese language, especially the ability of knowledge as well as the training in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

The third edition includes a total of 30 books equally divided into Levels 1-6, each made up of a Textbook, a Workbook, an Instructor's Manual, a Companion Reader and a book of Test and Quizzes. Currently, the Textbook, Workbook, Companion Reader, and Tests and Quizzes of Level 1 have been published.