Marhaba! Student Daftar, Term 4, 5-Pack

Marhaba! Student Daftar, Term 4, 5-Pack

An Invitation to Arabic

Marhaba!’s groundbreaking approach to teaching Arabic will bring this rich and challenging language to life for your students. This program offers instructors a unique, learner-centered teaching method that is flexible enough to be used for course articulation at the middle school, high school, and college levels, and with both novice and experienced Arabic learners. With your guidance, your students will create their own personalized textbooks called daftars, drawing upon their natural energy and creativity to drive the learning process.

At the beginning of every term, students receive a blank daftar. Students use this notebook as their primary tool for learning Arabic: almost all of their learning is recorded in it or occurs through its use. Your students personalize their learning by recording the lesson in their own handwriting. These pages become a reference for them throughout the year, building a sense of responsibility and ownership for their learning.

The daftar is a cooperative effort between teacher and student. The teacher organizes the notebook and creates the structure for learning, and the student fills in the pages with information and interpretive content.For example, the teacher organizes letter pages. Each page is designed to be a formative assessment so you can guide your students in numbering pages and setting up the structure of the letter page: what are the important qualities of the letter, and examples of the different forms of the letter as well as the letter within a word. Students have an active role in filling in these pages, too. They write mnemonics for how the letter sounds and what it looks like, personalizing their knowledge. Your students will also practice writing the new letter by copying it out several times.

The student daftars have the Arabic alphabet and vocabulary lists in the back, and are conveniently available for purchase in packs of 5.


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We believe this is the best approach for novice students who need to completely build their foreign language skills.

— – Charles Bell, Opportunity School Alternative Education Program, Ohio
About the Series

Marhaba!, an innovative student-centered and standards-based Arabic curriculum, brings this rich and challenging language to life. Lesson and activity guides allow educators to help students create personalized textbooks called daftars, a process that encourages them to take ownership of their own learning.

Developed and tested for over four years at the hands of two dozen teachers and professors with hundreds of students from with diverse learning needs, the Marhaba! program is proven to be effective. Marhaba! provides flexibility for students at the middle school, highschool and college level.

Marhaba's companion website, currently in development, will contain authentic materials, lesson and activity resources, sample assignments, and daftar worksheets.

About the Author(s)

Dr. Steven Berbeco has graduate degrees in education from Boston University and linguistics from Harvard University and Indiana University. He holds a Massachusetts teaching license for history, English, and Arabic. Steven developed the Marhaba! curriculum after teaching Arabic in an inner-city school for six years and directing the Arabic Summer Academy, an intensive summer Arabic language program for urban students.