Indonesian Course Book
by Ian J. White

Keren! is an engaging Indonesian series for middle and high school students. This fantastic 3-stage Indonesian series centers around the adventures of a young Australian girl named Nicky and her family and friends in Australia and Indonesia. Keren! addresses the three strands of listening and speaking, reading and writing. The Keren! series has balance of content, clearly-explained grammar and cultural appreciation.

Each topic is taught thematically and built around a cartoon comic strip. Throughout the book there are numerous types of listening activities, grammar-based exercises, key words and expressions, Indonesian cultural notes and revision.

Companion websites for all levels contain a wealth of support material for students and teachers. The websites include review questions (auto-correcting, multiple choice, labelling, matching and fill-in-the-blank), helpful web links to sites supporting research and exploration, technology activities (drag and drop interactive activities), student study guide activities, and a teacher's resource center (password protected area with curriculum correlation grids for Australian learning guidelines and a teaching plan for each topic). See individual product pages for companion website links.

About the Keren! series

The Keren! series comes with a Course Book, Activity Book, and CD-ROM pack, as well as Teacher’s Book for each level. The CD-ROM pack includes an interactive CD-ROM that contains e-content for the course and activity books (answers can be filled in on-screen and printed), plus the audio from the audio CDs.


In this Series

  • Solid language content with full classroom and homework support from supplements. Helps students consolidate their knowledge and encourages independent learning.
  • Combines a thorough approach to language acquisition and a stimulating visual presentation. Encourages and motivates students to particapte in activities which they learn from and enjoy.
  • Promotes understanding and learning across a wide range of Indonesian culture, from traditional to popular. Allows students to embrace Indonesia and Indonesian culture through photographs, textual content and detailed illustrations.
  • Addresses curriculum requirements for students to use technology. Keren! Stage 1 on CD is an interactive electronic version of Keren! Stage 1 Course Book, Keren! Stage 1 Activity Book and Keren! Stage 1 Audio. Teachers and students also have free access to the Keren! companion websites, which are available for all levels and provide helpful support material.