Integrated Chinese (2nd Edition, Expanded)

Expanded 2nd Edition
by Tao-chung Yao, Yea-fen Chen, Nyan-Ping Bi, Xiaojun Wang, Yaohua Shi, Yuehua Liu, Liangyan Ge

Since its release, Integrated Chinese has become the leading introductory Chinese textbook in colleges and universities around the world. With its holistic, integrated focus on the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, it teaches all the basics beginning and intermediate students need to function in Chinese. Integrated Chinese helps students understand how the Chinese language works grammatically, and how to use Chinese in real life.

Level 1 Part 1 begins the first year of study in Chinese, introducing 350 characters. Students cover the basics quickly, with simple, graded activities on essential topics such as greetings, dates and time, shopping, and family. Pinyin texts accompany Chinese characters throughout, allowing students to focus on both speaking and pronunciation, and character recognition.

Level 1 Part 2 continues the first year of study and introduces 350 more characters. Learners build solid communicative skills as they discuss everyday topics such as food, sports, travel, going to a party, and renting an apartment. Pinyin is presented at the end of each lesson, so students can begin reading characters without relying solely on pinyin.

Level 2 spans the entire second year of Chinese study, introducing 600 additional characters over two semesters. College students deal with age-appropriate topics such as campus and family life, social issues, and aspects of Chinese culture. A focus on important linguistic structures helps to expand learners’ understanding of Chinese grammar. Level 2 gradually introduces the more formal written-style expressions, often used in news broadcasts and formal speeches.

The Expanded, 2nd Edition Features:

  • Each level is designed to cover a year of study in a rigorous college program, but can be adapted for programs working at a slower pace.
  • Level 1 covers approximately 38 characters per lesson over 23 lessons. Level 2 covers approximately 58 characters per lesson over 20 lessons.
  • Level 1 textbooks and workbooks are available in either simplified or traditional character editions. Level 2 contains simplified and traditional characters in one volume.
  • Electronic Teacher Notes for the second edition are available upon request; please write to

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As a lecturer in languages (Italian and French) for over 35 years, I would like to compliment you on one of the very best sets of materials I have ever used.

— Dr. Madeleine Strong Cincotta, University of Wollongong

[T]he success of this series is certainly an indication of how usable it is in so many different environments.

— J. Colleen Berry, University of North Dakota