Vick the Good Dog

Vick the Good Dog


Vick used to be a very famous military dog. One day, he did nothing wrong, but was heavily wounded by someone with a stick. This incident brought him serious psychological problems, and he could not be qualified as a military dog. Although our Drug-sniffing Dogs Training Center has accepted him, not all of us like him. Only I like Vick, and I believe in him! Vick also deserves it. He practices hard with me. We become the best friends, and Vick becomes the brilliant drug-sniffing dog. However, when I think of those difficulties that I’ve been through with Vick, and my feet bitten by Vick, laugh or cry, I cannot figure it out....


Peking University Press
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Please note: the 2nd Edition of Chinese Breeze is being released title by title. Updated editions of individual titles in the series will be added here as they become available.

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