Children of Hangzhou

Boston Children's Museum

China appears in the news every day, but what do American students really know about the people of China and their daily lives? The Children of Hangzhou DVD-ROM introduces four teenagers from Hangzhou, a beautiful city in southeastern China. Through their video diaries, viewers experience a school day, visit the countryside, see an opera performance, and share a birthday celebration.

Accompanying enrichment activities, accessible via computer, offer a unique opportunity for students in elementary and secondary schools to connect with China by trying out the favorite games and pastimes of their Chinese peers. They might make a traditional craft with Doudou, cook Chinese food with Weicheng, play an ancient Chinese sport with Gangzheng, or watch the making of an opera star with Qianyun. The perfect addition to a social studies curriculum, Children of Hangzhou provides valuable insights into one of our most important global neighbors. Originally created by educators at the Boston Children’s Museum as an accompaniment to an exhibit, this DVD-ROM can be used in the classroom or in the home. A lab version is available for institutional use.

  • Video diaries in English and Mandarin, ideal for language learning or cultural studies
  • Interactive maps of China and the world, with related discussion questions
  • Cultural activities such as a dance opera demonstration, an abacus lesson, and a Chinese shuttlecock-making demonstration
  • Chinese vocabulary lists and pronunciation guide

Note: All features aside from video diaries themselves must be accessed via computer. Video diaries can be played on any standard DVD player.

System Requirements: DVD-ROM drive, Adobe Flash Player 10

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Children of Hangzhou is an educational DVD-ROM that will educate and delight viewers of all ages and backgrounds... an excellent choice for classroom or home viewing, highly recommended.
— —Children's Bookwatch, the Midwest Book Review