Cheng & Tsui 2018 Catalog

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From the Publisher

Dear Friends and Customers,

We are very grateful for all of your support in making our new Fourth Edition of both Integrated Chinese (IC) and  Adventures in Japanese such resounding successes.  With the recent launch of IC on our new pioneering ChengTsui Web App, we are working hard to continue our innovations in content and technology with creative new products.   We welcome your suggestions and ideas as we move forward on this path.

Sadly, in September 2015, one of the founding authors of the renowned Integrated Chinese series, Prof. Tao-chung “Ted” Yao passed away.   Under the leadership of Professors Ying-che Li and Chengzhi Chu, his many colleagues and students gathered to work on an academic volume to honor his legacy.  Cheng & Tsui is a proud participant in this effort and will be publishing an important compilation of pedagogical essays entitled Explorations in the Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language: A Celebration of the Lifetime Achievements of Tao-chung "Ted" Yao (see page 39).  

As a leading publisher of quality Asian language and culture materials, Cheng & Tsui is always seeking to raise the bar with every new publication.  We are proud, therefore, to be introducing  just such a product.  At the advanced level, most programs use authentic works to help students transition to the professional level.  However, teachers have found that it is almost impossible to find interesting and suitable authentic readings that are thoughtfully selected and annotated for language students.  With our forthcoming China’s Development and Dilemmas:  Authentic Readings for Advanced Learners (see pages 12-13), we hope students and teachers alike will welcome the pioneering contribution the authors are making to the quality of advanced Chinese language studies.

It has been a real privilege for us to be a part of this forward-moving journey.  We can’t do any of this effectively without your input and guidance, so we ask for your continued support and participation. We look forward to “meeting” with you in person and by phone, at conferences and online—hearing your invaluable suggestions and feedback. Thank you for what you do in our shared vision of helping to bring Asia to the world.

With gratitude,

Jill Cheng

Cheng & Tsui 2018 Catalog